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Creativity and inventiveness have always came out from my personality. Interior decoration, attention to detail and craftsmanship have always fascinated me .I don't like to define my style as minimal. I like Beauty. Beauty is said to be a subjective concept but, otherwise, I believe it is an objective value, because the aesthetic becomes a universal language when it is characterized as a form of expression .

The feeling for an object is characterized by its own life and by a story that, regardless of its material dimension, is related to the minds of who designed and realized that object. In a world where everything runs fast I think it's pretty natural, especially for young generations, to feel a nostalgia for a past that was objectively simpler and closer to nature so, by my side, it’s a very intimate occasion to simply smell the perfume of an old suitcase or an armchair and to create dynamic interiors that carry to different atmospheres .

I like the idea that the past inserts itself so powerfully in a time dimension that is too frantic. In my interiors and through my products, I always try to include elements from the past, often mixing a contemporary design with natural and rough materials, such as wood, glass, brass and marble. I love patterns and fabrics.

Born in Monza in 1987, now I'm based in Milan. In 2011 I graduated in interior design at European Institite of Design with a thesis project in YACHT DESIGN.  Afterwards I started working with a number of architecture studios. The projects have become increasingly important over time, giving me the opportunity to take the first step to work alone as interior designer.

In 2014 i realized my first commercial interior following the entire project of a new Peruvian restaurant in Milan called Pacifico. Then i kept on with the interior projects of two apartments in Milan.
In 2016 I started designing the first products of my personal collection.
In 2017 i worked on the interior of an office in Milan and a villa in Los Angeles.

In the meantime I'm working constantly on the creativity of new products.


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